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Why I quit Facebook

Waiting for a trigger

I was a very active user on fb. I could not resist my self from not sharing anything remotely interesting. I liked poking my friends on their posts and finding out flaws in the what they write. This used to consume 3-4 hours of my day and I always hated that. I wanted to get out of facebook, but did not because there is not enough motivation and I was scared of losing all my contacts.

Here comes the trigger

My question on FB forums on what happened

On 27th august while playing around with FB’s official android app, I clicked something and all my work contacts (includes mailing lists, CEO, CTO and a never ending list of contacts in my mail) got invites to facebook from me.

I thought this was over. But again on 12 Sept without any action from my side the same happened again. This time facebook sent reminders to the same contacts to connect with me.

This is super lame. Do you seriously expect people to join fb by doing this? Anyway past is past. I deleted that account and removed the android app (as that is how facebook got access to my work contacts).

How do I make sure that facebook does not send invites on my behalf?


All of a sudden I was the lunch table discussion at my workplace!

After math

That was enough motivation for me to delete my account. Now to people in my company, I introduce myself as the guy who spammed the entire company through facebook! Without facebook all of a sudden I find a lot of time, time to talk to myself, time to work on my pet projects and in general time to do anything. Finally it feels like I found inner peace now!